Applications are more efficient, faster and better with StackSpot

Increase efficiency, security, and modernization using your own context with our Platform-as-a-Product.

What StackSpot can do
for your Tech Team

What StackSpot
can do for your Tech Team

Going through a modernization process is not an easy task, much less a simple one. StackSpot exists to make the development cycle more efficient in complex technology environments. From idea to deployment.

Use Your Context

StackSpot leverages the context of each project to standardize and accelerate the entire development cycle within the technology team.

Speed With Quality

Our platform distributes your technological standards, ensuring quality and leveraging them to generate faster and more efficient code.

For Everyone On The Team

Regardless of experience, every developer gains more time for the codes that truly impact the business.

By using a Developer Platform, your
technology team gain:

With StackSpot, each development stage is elevated to a new level of efficiency.

Simplifying everyone’s life,
from developers to CTOs


Focus on the right problem

StackSpot AI, our code assistant, reduces developers’ cognitive load, allowing them to dedicate time to high-value deliveries.

Managers and

Confidence and speed in deliveries

Organize and structure your mainframe will be a lot easier, giving you more agility and enhancing productivity.


Efficiency that generates results

With StackSpot, you will have a more integrated team, working under the same guard rails to deliver fast and secure solutions.

With StackSpot, each team member finds the necessary tools to maximize the efficiency and impact at every development stage.

What do we solve
in practice?

We face directly the main challenges of legacy systems: from reducing delivery time and improving software reliability to ensuring that migrations are smoother
and safer.

More than solving a problem from yesterday, StackSpot strategically positions your business for future growth, with increased agility and less legacy.

Legacy Systems

With the use of an AI Code Assistant, we assist in efforts to update old systems, making them more efficient.

Time Delivery

With standardized processes, we minimize the gap between idea conception and the delivery of added value to user.

Efficient Building and Deployment

Less effort to build and
implement new applications
and infrastructures.

Elevated Quality
and Security

We raise the quality bar, ensuring that defined standards are applied across all projects, according to each context.

Code Reusability

We reduce redundancy by
encouraging code reuse
across teams.


We mitigate compliance
risks with unified

Enhanced Developer

We decrease cognitive load,
reduce rework, and make
work smarter.

Quick Onboarding
of New Tech

When a new person joins the team, they find all initial configurations ready to start putting code into production.

Simplified Journey
to the Cloud

We optimize your journey to the
cloud, from setup to consumption
and cost management.

Our approach to Legacy Modernization

Through a combination of AI-driven insights, platform engineering excellence, and a deep understanding of legacy system complexities, StackSpot charts a personalized path to modernization.

We prioritize efficiency, scalability, and security, ensuring that your transition isn’t a cumbersome and costly task, but an efficient step in generating business value.

With StackSpot, every line of code and infrastructure decision leads to maximum efficiency, aligning technology and business.

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