Privacy Policy

We know you care about how your personal data is used and shared, and we take that seriously. So we respect your privacy and reinforce our commitment to security, privacy, and transparency while handling your information. Policies and Terms have a lot of information and are often complex, so we have tried to make this Policy as simple as possible. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at the bottom of the page.

1. Introduction

Personal data is important. Therefore, we ask you to dedicate a few minutes to understand briefly and transparently how StackSpot handles your personal data. We promise not to take up too much of your time.

When you register on the StackSpot website or start using any of the services available on the Platform, such as StackSpot EDP, StackSpot AI, or StackSpot Cloud Services, you will provide some information about yourself, and we are extremely happy and grateful that you allow us to use this data, as it will help improve your experience. However, it is necessary to clarify some points so that we are always in compliance with best practices and circumstances authorized by law.

The collection of each of these data has a specific purpose and is completely transparent; your data will be collected precisely for the informed purpose. Our Privacy Policy will establish exactly what data is collected, how it is processed, its respective purposes, and how and for how long it will be protected.

We emphasize that it is very important to us to be constantly improving, which may mean that our policy may change. Do not worry, you will be notified if this happens, and when it occurs, we ask you to read the new version.

We are always willing to help if you have any questions. Just contact our data protection officer at

2. Categories of personal data, purposes of processing, and their respective legal bases

2.1 Processing of Personal Data Collected directly by cli (command-line interface)

The data collected when using any of the StackSpot services, such as the date the product was licensed, most used features, unused features, and defective features, will be processed by StackSpot based on legitimate interest, as per examples below:

  • StackSpot’s security and control of use: ensuring the proper and secure use of StackSpot;
  • Enabling communication with StackSpot users for support service, release of new versions, information about errors, unavailability of the system, or any other relevant information.
2.2 Processing of Personal Data collected on Stackspot landing page

We collect information from your logins, such as name and email, and also collect information about browsing behavior and your interaction with the StackSpot landing page ( and other pages of the Platform, in order to optimize the usability of the platform, all in accordance with our legitimate interest, using cookies from Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

Mixpanel is a technology service that helps us better understand the behavior and experience of our users (for example, how much time they spend on which pages, which links they choose to click on, what users like and don’t like, etc.), allowing us to build and maintain our service based on user feedback. Mixpanel uses cookies and other technologies to collect data about the behavior of our users and their devices. This includes device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, and geographic location (city and country).

2.3 Notice about cookies
If you authorize us, we will use cookies to collect information about browsing behavior and your interaction with our website, in order to optimize the usability of the platform. To browse our website, you will need to agree to the use of cookies from Google Analytics, which tracks where the navigation came from, counts accesses and visit duration, and identifies the links accessed within the website. Check out the list of cookies used below:

Description: This cookie is set by Google Analytics. The cookie calculates visitor data, sessions, and campaigns, and monitors website usage in the website’s analysis report. Cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.

Duration: 2 years

Type: Google Analytics

Description: This cookie is installed by RD Station. The cookie stores a list of all the pages the user has accessed within the website.

Duration: 1 year

Type: RD Station

Description: This cookie is set by Mixpanel. The cookie stores information about how visitors use websites, and it helps create data analyses about the website’s activity. It also stores random numbers to identify unique visitors and emails in logged-in scenarios.

Duration: 1 year

Type: Mixpanel

Description: This cookie is installed by RD Station. The cookie stores the registering of the origin of the user’s visit to the website.

Duration: 1 year

Type: RD Station

You can disable them through your browser settings. However, your experience may be impaired, and we cannot guarantee that you will see content that interests you.

3. Data storage time

The records of access to the platform will remain stored for a minimum period of 06 months after your registration and/or use, in compliance with the Marco Civil da Internet (Article 15 of Brazilian Law No. 12.965/2014).

Once this period is exceeded, your data will remain stored for another 12 months after the last use of the platform, unless you exercise your right to object to the processing by contacting us via email at

4. Disclosure of Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed internally, with no possibility of transfer to other agents, except for processing operators who are essential business partners for StackSpot’s ecosystem services, such as partners for artificial intelligence and cloud services, for example. In addition, we may share personal data with national authorities to comply with a legal obligation or court order.

5. Understand your rights as a Data Subject

In the spirit of full transparency, we are available at the email to respond to requests related to your following rights:

5.1 Right to Information, Access, and Correction of Personal Data

You can request information about the processing of your data. For example, if you are not sure whether you have submitted your information through a website form, email, or messaging applications. If the existence of processing is confirmed, you may request access to the data. If it is found to be incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date, you may request that it be corrected. It is your responsibility to keep your data up to date.

5.2. Right to anonymizarion, Blocking, or Elimination of unnecessary, excessive, or unlawfully Processed Data

If you believe that your data has been unnecessarily, excessively, or unlawfully processed, you may contact us and request, alternatively, that it be anonymized, blocked, or deleted. We will receive your request and thoroughly analyze your case, to inform you how we will proceed.

5.3. Right to Data Portability

You may request us to port your data to another service or product provider, upon express request, following the regulations of the national authority and taking into consideration commercial and industrial secrets. It is important to note that StackSpot is not yet aware of similar products on the market for this right to be applied, so there are no other suppliers of products or services that can receive the data. However, we undertake to guarantee this right when applicable.

5.4. Information on Data Sharing

Whenever your data is shared with public or private entities, you will be informed.
5.5 Right to object
You may object to the processing of your data when the provisions of the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados are not respected, while it is in force.

6. Information Security

We commit ourselves to the mission of always employing the best efforts to respect and protect your personal information against loss, theft, or any kind of misuse, applying technical and organizational security measures to protect your data. Access to your information will be restricted, i.e. only to those employees who need it for performing their activities, developing or improving the services. According to our culture, we are guardians! Therefore, we make this commitment to your privacy and the protection of your data.

7. Contact

StackSpot is always available to answer your questions and put you in control of your data. In case you have any questions regarding your data privacy, please write an email to

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Updates to our Privacy Policy will be posted on our website. All amendments will be effective upon posting on our website. We recommend that you regularly visit the website to stay informed of possible updates.