/create, reuse, and distribute software patterns

By standardizing technical patterns across project contexts, teams can build reliable software and expedite the route from the first line of code to enterprise applications in production with an executable architecture.

The developer
platform that
turns your context
into efficiency

Focus developer time on business features with an Enterprise Developer Platform that will:
  • Improve Developer Experience
  • Increase development productivity
  • Quicken developer onboarding
  • Improve Governance and Compliance
  • Significantly reduce manual work
  • Enhance technical excellence
  • Alleviate the cognitive burden on your team
  • Build reliable software

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StackSpot EDP works

Our platform includes the innovative StackSpot Framework which simplifies packaging and distribution of technology components, enabling your teams to maximize code reuse with developer autonomy.

Learn how our Enterprise Developer Platform is organized:


Use Workspace to easily manage teams, technologies, and work environments—a place where all applications and infrastructure are in order, including technology patterns and decisions. So, every new team member can start deploying in no time, considering the context of each project.


Studios provide a user-friendly platform for distributing standardized content packages. You can categorize content into specific themes, such as programming languages, technology components, and team structures, effortlessly finding and utilizing what you need.


A Plugin adds capabilities to an Application, like a building block that follows specific standards and good practices. In the context of StackSpot, a Plugin is always associated with a Studio.


A Stack is a comprehensive collection of technologies that are necessary for an Application to function, comprising the application code and the infrastructure required to provide resources to the Application — whether hosted in the cloud or on a local server.


A Starter is a set of predefined Plugins of a Stack used to speed up the process of creating projects. When you use a Starter, you can create an Application or a Infrastructure and apply Plugins with one command.


Actions are a way to execute automations locally and remotely. They were created to facilitate and centralize access to an organization’s bureaucratic processes.

How to access StackSpot

Two channels provide access to StackSpot EDP:

StackSpot Portal

StackSpot Portal is the web version of our platform.


STK CLI is StackSpot’s command line interface.
It allows you to use and create content
on the platform.
Bring developers on board quickly and see code in production on day one.

No more configuring infrastructure from scratch!

StackSpot Runtime Engine is the deployment manager responsible for provisioning Cloud Application Infrastructure resources according to your business context. It dynamically manages Application and Infrastructure configurations, simplifying software development and delivery. It empowers your organization to:

  • Avoid static configurations;
  • Establish standardization by design;
  • Abstract complexity for the developer without disrupting the workflow;
  • Deploy and roll back applications and infrastructure.

Data Analytics for decision-making

Insights offer a customizable and automated platform data dashboard. Enhance your company’s decision-making by analyzing developer engagement data. Within the Insights dashboard, you can:
  • Apply filters to charts and select specific chart lines of interest (like technology utilization);
  • Remove charts from the dashboard as needed, creating a customized data-viewing experience;
  • Highlight the most popular and relevant Stacks for your organization.

StackSpot works better together

Your Cloud Journey
with more efficiency

Elevate the efficiency of your development environment with StackSpot Cloud Services. We provide user-friendly dashboards, insightful reports, and valuable recommendations to enhance the quality of your applications.

Additionally, you will benefit from anomaly alerts, FinOps, and cost comparisons for transactions, ensuring cost-effective and optimized operations.

AI code generation

StackSpot AI can use your context, knowledge sources, and technology decisions about patterns to create high-quality, more assertive code.

When the Developer Platform and AI assistant are combined, contextualization gets more powerful because the tech standards centralized by the EDP are superior Knowledge Sources for AI. As a result, AI’s suggestions are truly customized and contextualized for each project.

create and share
API Catalogs

API exposure in the catalog, so the developer does not need to leave the platform to execute integrations, expediting the launch of new products and services.

Login and permission features

StackSpot IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows organizations to define and enforce policies that designate who can access which resources and what can be done on those resources.

This powerful feature guarantees a secure environment by giving you complete control over resource and feature access, reiterating security and compliance.

StackSpot IAM adopts:

  • Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC);
  • Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC);
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, making login configuration a breeze, ensuring a smooth transition and delivering a streamlined, secure authentication experience.
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