/code with AI based on your company tech stacks

Customize your company’s or team’s development experience by leveraging your stacks and code generated from your internal knowledge sources.

/code suggestions completion smells refactoring testing readability accessibility documentation

/with StackSpot AI, your team DevEx will never be the same

/ inform our AI of your code style, preferred language, frameworks, and more through Stack AI setup

Embrace a harmonious blend of declarative technologies that enhance LLM’s contextual comprehension, resulting in unparalleled code generation. Empower your coding ventures with Stack AI, where innovation seamlessly merges with the pinnacle of code quality.

/ improve your AI experience
by providing context through knowledge sources to generate
code that aligns with your
unique requirements

Elevate your AI experience to the next level by harnessing vectorized databases enriched with APIs, Event Schemas, Custom Objects, and Code Snippets. Transform your project into a knowledge and innovation hub.

/ create your own customized quick commands to eradicate repetitive tasks with the power of AI

Design your personalized set of pre-defined prompts and effortlessly initiate ‘StackSpot Actions’ whenever your team deploys a Quick Command. These predefined commands dispatch prompts to LLM, streamlining your workflow and automating tasks with ease.

/ leverage code generation and assistance to enhance productivity and code quality

With AI models and tools at your disposal, automate the generation of code snippets, receive advanced code recommendations, and simplify common coding tasks. This significant reduction in manual coding time translates to a substantial increase in code quality in your company.

/ready for a smarter coding experience?


/boost productivity

StackSpot AI is your go-to productivity booster. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and accelerate your development to focus on what matters most, even when dealing with unfamiliar APIs or languages.

/adaptative contextualization

StackSpot contextualizes itself with your knowledge sources, including code base, repositories, APIs, and event schemas, aligning itself with your best practices.

/easy contextual input

Provide all the necessary context to our StackSpot AI agent with natural language and a few configurations, enabling it to deliver code that’s closely aligned with your desired outcome.

/code confidence & compliance

With StackSpot AI, your code adheres to your rules. It respects your intentions, prevents undesired exposure, and ensures the privacy and security of your code.

/pioneer the future of coding

/join the StackSpot AI community on Discord, ask questions, provide feedback, and help us evolve our product.