Efficient infrastructure from execution to implementation

StackSpot Cloud Services is a powerful and reliable ecosystem for running and managing your applications, with contextual FinOps analytics, cloud resiliency with alerts, and the best security practices.

We create a layer of abstraction above the cloud, leveraging super-powerful plugins to deliver a seamlessly integrated, contextualized development experience that will streamline your daily cloud management tasks.

StackSpot Cloud Services provides user-friendly dashboards, insightful reports, and valuable recommendations that will make your applications more efficient.

All this, with support for the leading cloud providers in the industry.

Your cloud journey can be much simpler!

We can help you achieve the best results in cloud management

If you’re building a hotsite, critical new product, or feature, StackSpot Cloud Services gives you the simplest journey to delivery on the cloud, abstracting cloud operation efforts.

Learn how StackSpot Cloud Services can benefit your team.

Implement Cloud security practices

  • + 400 safety guardrails
  • Alerts for unauthorized changes
  • Optional modularized use

Accelerate infrastructure provisioning

  • Plugins per journey
  • Minimize the time from idea conception to value

Leveraging quality with SRE as a product

  • Alerts on WAF, PRR, and security policies
  • Parameterized resilience
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Observability

Optimize consumption and costs with FinOps as a product

  • Monthly reports with recommendations
  • Alerts for anomalies
  • Transaction cost comparisons


  • Reduce the cognitive load of your team
  • Infrastructure deployment integrated with the development portal
  • Drifts and reconciliation tools


  • Rely on billing experts to help navigate your cloud costs
  • Unlimited support requests, every day, about unavailability of our services

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Stackspot EDP

Our Enterprise Developer Platform expedites the creation, distribution, and reuse of technology standards. By standardizing the utilization of technologies for each context, teams can create reliable software with an executable architecture, thereby minimizing the time from initial code creation to application in production.

A Developer Platform with Cloud Services offers an end-to-end solution that accelerates your application development and supports cloud management, reducing infrastructure costs and improving overall security.

AI code generation

Our AI code assistant uses your context, knowledge bases, and technology decisions to generate assertive, high-quality suggestions.

StackSpot AI offers multiple features to improve the final quality of the application and delivery processes — from customized automation (Quick Commands) of infrastructure processes to code review and software quality testing.

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