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With StackSpot your technology teams deliver value faster by creating reusing deploying
the best code for each context, optimizing the cloud journey, and leveraging highly contextual code generated by AI.

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/hyper-contextualized coding: your vision,
AI's execution

StackSpot AI is a code assistant that uses your context, knowledge sources and technology decisions about patterns to produce higher quality, more assertive code.
StackSpot Cloud Services

Optimize costs with StackSpot Cloud Services

A powerful, reliable ecosystem for deploying and running applications. With StackSpot Cloud Services, you can abstract and simplify your cloud journey, leverage quality and resilience, and maximize cloud security with best practices. Also, you can optimize cloud costs and consumption with contextual FinOps analysis.

Run and deploy cost-effective infrastructure

  • Cloud foundation with 400+ guardrails
  • Alerts for disallowed changes
  • Failure alerts
  • Parameterized resilience
  • Continuous scanning
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Monthly reports with recommendations
  • Alerts for anomalies
  • Comparison of transaction cost

Why StackSpot?

Increase development productivity

From the advantages of creating and reusing technology standards to the benefits of generative AI in code generation and other repetitive tasks, StackSpot’s main goal is to increase your development team’s efficiency.

Reduce manual work significantly

With AI models and tools at your disposal, automate the generation of code snippets, receive advanced code recommendations, and streamline everyday coding tasks.

Build reliable software

Add guardrails to increase quality and security throughout your code development in an automated way with our platform. Shorten the path from the first line of code to applications into production.

Enhance technical excellence

Centralize technological standards for each project context in a single repository to ensure the execution of your software architecture design with unwavering quality and security.
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Alleviate cognitive burden on your team

By reusing development components, empower your team to prioritize quality, scalability, and developing essential business features, thus minimizing cognitive overload.

To everyone on team - To everyone, in every project

Every team player, no matter their seniority, can gain productivity while also maintaining quality and security patterns during development.

Say goodbye to generic suggestions

Empower your development process with hyper-contextualized AI code generated from your own patterns and knowledge sources.

Optimize cloud costs with quality and security

Leverage StackSpot Cloud Services for expedited cloud configuration. Discover best recommendations to deploy securely while reducing expenses.

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