What Every CDO Should Already Know About AI

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AI is the moment! That is why we put together this article about everything that CDOs already need to know about it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hotly debated topics at the moment. AI technologies are fast becoming part of many organizations and companies as these organizations are trying to leverage their advantages to improve their operations. So… What every CDO should already know about AI?

The idea of developing AI technologies started in the early 1930s. However, its popularity gained center stage with the development of powerful AI tools like Microsoft-powered ChatGPT and Google Bard. For example, ChatGPT can write a 1000-word essay in less than 10 seconds. While this is a great innovation as it can improve productivity, there is the likelihood that many jobs will be lost and others created because of AI.

With technology development, a company’s Chief Digital Officer (CDOs) must be aware of AI concepts, applications, and ethical considerations.

This article puts everything together about What every CDO should already know about AI, including being updated with current topics on AI, the importance of AI in their work, the new role of Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO), and more.

What CDOs need to know about AI

CDOs play an essential role in any organization or company through managing data and analytics operations, including AI and machine learning integration, software development, architecture, user requirements, and report development.

Here is what CDOs need to know about artificial intelligence:

AI Application

Available AI tools in the market can do various tasks, from writing creative exercises to performing complex computations quickly. Therefore, a CDO must explore a wide range of AI applications across several organizations and companies to determine AI-driven automation opportunities. This includes fraud detection, process automation, and predictive analytics.

Data Needs

In order to develop an AI tool that is most effective and efficient, having data is an essential requirement. Generally, AI technologies heavily rely on data to perform the intended task and achieve its objectives. The reliance on quality data by artificial intelligence makes CDOs need to understand data needs for successful AI initiatives.

A CDO needs to identify the types of data required, either structured, unstructured, or semi-structured, and ensure the data is high quality, accurate, and reliable for meaningful AI outcomes.

Privacy and Data Governance

With the development of AI tools, it is paramount to ensure that the technologies adhere to data governance and privacy regulations. CDOs are more aware of prioritizing data governance practices and privacy regulations.

Another essential consideration CDOs need to know about AI is the ethical and legal issues surrounding data privacy, consent, security, and compliance with regulations like GDPR. Such considerations require careful attention to building trust and compliance with AI-driven initiatives.


Artificial intelligence bias is the tendency of system algorithms to reflect human biases. This mainly occurs because an algorithm delivers systematically biased results due to erroneous assumptions of the machine language processing.

CDOs must understand AI biases as they become problematic because, with the increasing climate of representation and diversity, algorithms could reinforce biases.

For example, a facial recognition AI algorithm could be trained to recognize a white person more quickly than a black person because the algorithm has been using the same data type for training more often. This can negatively impact minority groups as discrimination hinders equal opportunity and perpetuates oppression.

While this problem is not intentional, CDOS must understand the need to create equality by proactively addressing and mitigating biases when training AI programs.

How CDOs can stay current on the topic

Technology is fast evolving, requiring CDOs to update with current trends in the field. This way, they can understand new AI requirements and address any challenges they will likely experience.

Some of the ways CDOs can stay current with AI include:

Continuous Learning

It is always important to expand your knowledge. As technology rapidly evolves, this creates the need to expand knowledge by learning about new trends. A CDO should stay updated with the latest developments, industry trends, and emerging AI practices through workshops or conferences.

Industry leaders and experts can also offer a hand in keeping CDOs current with AI trends.


Engaging with experts’ and professionals’ networks and communities related to AI and data management can help CDOs exchange knowledge, share expert experience, and learn from peers. Furthermore, collaboration with experts fosters creativity and innovation, which is necessary for developing cutting-edge AI solutions that can address complex challenges and drive business growth.







Importance of AI in CDO Work

Like in any field, AI is also an essential tool. CDOs can leverage their abilities in work to improve productivity and efficiency.

AI can help CDO work in the following ways:

Improve Data-driven Decision Making

The primary goal of developing AI tools is to make systems that are good at decision-making with fewer to no errors and improve efficiency and productivity.

Artificial intelligence enables CDOs to gain valuable insights from huge amounts of data, which are then used to make predictions, forecasts, or interpretations that support decision-making. By using AI in work, CDOs can leverage their capabilities by identifying patterns, trends, and correlations that are challenging to uncover, enabling tactical decisions based on evidence.


The increased adoption of AI systems in organizations and companies is mainly attributed to the need to automate services. Automation can help increase efficiency and productivity within the workplace because these systems process huge amounts of data quickly and accurately. In other words, AI automation in work streamlines data processes, increasing efficiency.

As a CDO, you can utilize AI tools for multiple tasks like data integration, which can help you and your team focus on higher-value activities such as business strategy.

The New Role: CDAO

While companies and organizations are increasingly adopting AI faster than before, some are creating the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer (CDAO) role. This new role comprises data management, analytics, and AI knowledge to foster data-driven transformation. CDAOs are responsible for accelerating the adoption of data, analytics, and AI to generate decision advantage.

For a CDO, staying current on the latest developments and trends in artificial intelligence is essential. AI use has significant potential across domains, and CDOs need to explore and identify opportunities for AI-driven automation in their organizations. CDOs understanding of the data requirements for AI initiatives is necessary as high-quality, accurate, and reliable data is the foundation for successful AI outcomes.

The new role, CDAO, signifies the growing need for data management, analytics, and AI to drive organizational transformation.


Artificial intelligence is a continuously evolving field that requires CDOs to be updated with emerging trends. This will make CDOs understand AI application areas, data needs, and privacy concerns. Integrating AI tools in the workplace can help CDOs improve their productivity and efficiency through data-driven decision-making and automation of some services. By embracing this new technology, CDOs can unlock the true capabilities of AI for their organizations.

Are you ready to unlock the power of AI for your organization? Stay ahead in the game as a Chief Data Officer by being current with emerging AI needs and opportunities. Explore the world of AI by reading our guide on what every CDO should already know about AI.

And you, how do you get updated about AI? Please comment below!


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