StackSpot Insights: Enhance your company’s decision-making by analyzing developer engagement data

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Ensure effective use of your Developer Platform with StackSpot Insights. Track engagement, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

A company’s challenges don’t end once it adopts a Developer Platform. A crucial question arises after creating, centralizing, and distributing technical standards: How can you ensure that your developer teams are using the tech standards and technology effectively? This is where the powerful StackSpot Insights feature comes into play.

Exploring StackSpot Insights

Imagine having a clear view of your development team’s engagement, understanding which technologies drive your organization’s growth, and pinpointing investment opportunities for the future. With StackSpot Insights, all of this becomes possible.

Offers a customizable and automated platform data dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of activities within the context of using content (Stacks and Plugins) created on the platform. Today, within Studios, you can leverage the following analytical focal points:

  • Most Used Stacks: Gain an overview of the most utilized Stacks in your organization, enabling the identification of patterns and areas of high demand;
  • Plugin Popularity: Assess the individual popularity of your Plugins, discerning which features are most valued by your developers;
  • Software asset creation journey: Trace the journey of software creation from Stacks and Plugins to resulting applications and infrastructure, mapping the tangible impact of your content. 

Learn more about the StackSpot Enterprise Developer Platform and how it works.

In-depth Analysis for Strategic Decisions

StackSpot Insights dashboards offer a clear, intuitive display of data, facilitating the tracking of development teams’ engagement over time and identifying significant trends. Furthermore, the data can be downloaded in CSV format for deeper analysis.

 StackSpot EDP Studio Insights screenshot: In the top left corner, a button allows you to download Studio data, while on the right, dashboard management is presented. Two panels are visible: one displays line graphs tracking Plugin usage over time, each Plugin represented by a distinct colored line; the other tracks apps created from Stack Starters, with monthly charts for each Starter.
StackSpot EDP Studio Insights

With StackSpot Insights, you can make informed strategic decisions, identify areas of opportunity, and contribute to innovation within your organization. For example:

  • Identify investment areas: Prioritize the development of Stacks and Plugins with the highest impact potential, optimizing resources and fostering innovation;
  • Explore new technologies: Utilize engagement insights to uncover opportunities for exploring new technologies and features in your software development;
  • Engage developers: Understand your developers’ preferences and needs, creating components that streamline their work processes and enhance productivity.

Want to see the StackSpot EDP in practice? Then watch the video:

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Empower Your Organization with StackSpot Insights

As the technological landscape evolves, the right tools to drive growth and innovation become indispensable. With StackSpot Insights, you are in control. Unleash your organization’s full potential and take it to the next level with StackSpot. 

To learn more about this powerful feature, visit our documentation about StackSpot Insights.

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