FAHZ and StackSpot: Ambev’s co-management unit adopts platform for digital modernization

Cover image illustrating the partnership between FAHZ and StackSpot, featuring the logos of both companies in the image.
The article details the partnership with FAHZ, Ambev's co-management company, and how StackSpot Cloud Services has been used to modernize the company's environment.

FAHZ, Ambev’s co-management company, has chosen StackSpot as the solution for its digital modernization process. The goal is to migrate FAHZ’s cloud environment in just five months and increase operational efficiency by up to 30% by 2024.

Dating back more than 85 years, the Antonio and Helena Zerrenner Foundation (FAHZ) is responsible for managing the benefits of Ambev employees, impacting around 70,000 people. 

Find out more about the FAHZ and StackSpot partnership in the article.

Cloud modernization at FAHZ

At FAHZ, StackSpot Cloud Services offers a reliable ecosystem for implementing and running applications with efficient cloud management.

The implementation and migration phase to StackSpot covered the modernization of two web applications and one mobile application, accounting for:

  • 69 deployments (APIs and workers), 
  • 30 lambdas, 
  • 72 queues,
  • and 18 topics.

A new dashboard was delivered, allowing inquiries about the logs of all the environments and applications in operation, ensuring autonomy for FAHZ’s development and DevOps teams.

“The application of StackSpot’s technology has optimized processes and simplified the search for internal data, thus ensuring greater efficiency and even higher quality in the outcomes of the entire team,” says FAHZ’s Technology Superintendent Luciano Santos.

Learn more about StackSpot Cloud Services in the video.

Organization centered on productivity

StackSpot is a technology product developed by Zup and Itaú Unibanco, based on Zup’s expertise of more than a decade supporting large companies in Brazil in their efforts to build secure and scalable systems. It is also the first solution launched by the bank centered on digital modernization with operational efficiency.

“We ensured that FAHZ’s internal process was organized by StackSpot with a focus on productivity, with the application of Cloud Services to abstract processing in the cloud with recommendations in terms of resilience and costs,” says André Palma, Technology Superintendent at Itaú and leader of StackSpot Cloud Services.

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StackSpot: the development platform that turns your context into efficiency 

StackSpot is an Enterprise Developer Platform that empowers engineering teams to modernize legacy systems and generate value faster by distributing technology patterns, optimizing the cloud journey, and developing highly contextualized code through AI.

  • StackSpot EDP to create, distribute and reuse software patterns;
  • StackSpot AI to generate hyper-contextualized code;
  • StackSpot Cloud Services, a trusted ecosystem for deploying and running applications.

This last product has contextual analysis of FinOps with a generative artificial intelligence agent, optimizing costs and consumption, including cloud resilience with alerts and best security practices, and over 400 guardrails.

The services provided by StackSpot integrate with the AWS cloud infrastructure, the world’s most widely adopted cloud. StackSpot is a certified AWS Partner.

A complete solution for your company

FAHZ is now part of a client portfolio that includes Itaú, Localiza, Creditas, and other companies working to modernize their systems safely and efficiently.

We welcome one more large company that trusts StackSpot’s proposal to bring together in a single place the creation, reuse, and implementation of codes adapted to the context of each operating environment.

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