Enterprise Development Platform and How It Transforms Your Organization for Success

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This blog post provided a brief overview of the enterprise development platform and how StackSpot EDP helps engineers to focus on value, effectiveness, and efficiency.

An enterprise development platform is unique in its offerings, bringing together a full suite of technology that empowers engineers to focus on value, effectiveness, and efficiency. It frees them from efforts that don’t support your organization’s strategic objectives, allowing them to increase their utilization in producing output and value-added code.

In this blog post, we’ll learn more about the enterprise development platform and how StackSpot helps add value through development and gain efficiency.

What is a development platform?

Enterprise development platforms bring together a set of different technologies that are all integrated. Some think a development platform revolves around application development and delivery through a continuous deployment pipeline. A development platform enables organizations and engineering squads to build and deploy software efficiently.

Standard metrics to gauge the success of a development platform include deployment frequency, code quality, lead time, velocity, work-in-progress, and overall customer value.

Why to use a development platform?

Development platforms allow teams of developers to create, reuse, and distribute software standards and to work in collaborative, effective, and efficient workflows. The goal is to enable engineers to build, test, and deploy rapidly and securely, delivering incremental value.

As a developer, having a standard set of tools, support, and security controls is crucial to focus on creating quality output. When a standard technology stack is in place, integrations and ecosystems are streamlined, allowing engineers to focus on delivering their projects.

Using a development platform provides centralized support, making communication with the support teams more accessible. Additionally, it offers more knowledge-sharing potential using a standard technology set.

Furthermore, a development platform ensures that the application under development and its overall delivery pipeline are secure from a cybersecurity standpoint. This protects the application from cyber attacks as well as vulnerabilities.

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How StackSpot EDP works

StackSpot EDP (or Enterprise Development Platform) works by creating an inclusive and all-encompassing way to manage your environments. To ensure that each application your engineers build is secure and has the ideal architecture, it makes a set-up that is reliable and effortless for optimization.

Benefits of StackSpot EDP

Many benefits exist when talking about deploying StackSpot EDP for your organization. Take a look at some of the available advantages.

Speed and Security

The speed of delivery and the additional layers of standardized security are the first two significant benefits that jump off the page. With StackSpot EDP, you are creating an autonomous environment with an easy way to distribute content. With security built into the development platform, it is easy to identify any vulnerabilities and prevent security exploits before they make it to a production environment.

Everything in a Workspace

You want your engineers working in one consolidated workspace. Break down the silos to realize gains and deliver results fast. Benefit realization will come via standardization, efficiency, knowledge sharing, and more.

The assistance of hyper-contextualization artificial intelligence means that models will work to improve your code across the workspace in one unison fashion.

Cost Optimization

The goal is always to deliver the most value-add software incrementally, at a cost or price point that is supremely manageable. Cost optimization realization is something you will see when deploying StackSpot EDP as you can say bye to all manual set-up necessary. Instead, all you have to do is focus on development. The lack of need to set up baseline architecture, security, etc., means you can cut out these steps and focus on value-added code.

Business Growing with the Enterprise Development Platform (EDP)

Every business aims to deliver working software rapidly with high-value delivery, but it is much easier said than done. With an EDP in place, you will put your organization in a position to succeed. And how can your enterprise grow? By saving time, having a more strategic team, and focusing on what will make you increase your clients and core business.

You want your team to focus on strategic imperatives rather than standing up architecture foundations, deployment pipelines, or security for every application you build. Standardize this with EDP so the activities you focus on provide your business with genuine growth opportunities.

In conclusion

Scale is the name of the game when it comes to your business. To grow at scale, you need a foundation of automation and artificial intelligence driving you forward. The cost to move at scale manually is astronomical. Eliminate that with StackSpot’s Development Platform to automate and generate value-added results in a standardized fashion.

Now is the time to take action and put StackSpot EDP to use. Reach out today for a demo and learn more about how it can improve your business.

What do you think of an Enterprise Development Platform? Leave your comment below, and let’s start a conversation.

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